About Porcelain Veneers

What are porcelain veneers?

They are a new innovation in the treatment of stained or unattractive teeth that is now being recognized as the most successful technique in the history of dentistry for treating these types of tooth problems. Although this treatment was developed over ten years ago by a doctor in Oswego, British Columbia, and has been safely used to treat over 11,000 patients in the United States and Canada, it is only now starting to become well known by the general public and dental practitioners in the USA. I am proud to have been part of this pioneering effort during the last 4 years. I want to share with you what this exciting procedure is and tell you how we apply veneers in our offices in San Carlos, California.
Porcelain is a durable and stain resistant alkaloid that has long been used for sinks, insulators, jewelry, and a variety of other applications where strength, beauty, durability, and resistance to discoloration have been required. It has long been known that porcelain would make a near ideal material to bond to teeth, but until 1948 it was not known how to bond it to teeth.

The procedure itself is both elegant and simple. First, we perform a thorough dental examination to check the soundness and health of existing teeth. Next, we make a mold of the teeth to be veneered. From the mold, thin veneers of porcelain custom fit for the patients teeth are made. Finally, the veneers are permanently applied to the teeth with a special bonding adhesive. The whole procedure takes only a few days.

I have found this to be a safe, economical, painless, and permanent solution to discolored or unsightly teeth, without the drawbacks of more traditional bonding and tooth capping.

The new technology that makes porcelain veneers possible has literally changed the lives of many of our patients. Many who thought that they could not afford to ever do anything about their unsightlky teeth have found that this simple and effective procedure has given them new levels of confidence, self esteem, and comfort. See what it can do!

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