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Are Invisible Aligners Effective?

Jan 28, 2023Invisalign

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Invisible aligners, or clear aligners, are an awesome alternative to traditional braces and ceramic braces. Clear aligners bring patients all of the wonderful benefits of straightening teeth without wires, brackets, or permanent gear.

But are invisible aligners, like Invisalign aligners, just as good as braces? How does their cost compare? How long is Invisalign treatment? Great Smiles Orthodontics has got the answers for you!

In today’s blog, we’re going to be answering the most commonly asked questions when it comes to teeth straightening with invisible braces. Let’s talk Invis!

Invisalign vs. Traditional Braces

Braces and Invisalign treatments are designed to do the same thing – straighten teeth, correct bite problems, and fix dental issues that might be affecting how you look (and how you feel about your smile). How does Invisalign work? Practically the same as metal braces! Both Invisalign and braces bring you a proper bite and straighter teeth by applying gentle pressure to your upper and lower teeth, gradually shifting them into new positions.

However, beyond tooth movement, the Invisalign system is pretty different. With fewer orthodontist visits, totally clear aligners, and removable trays, Invisalign brings you a straight smile without the hassle or food limitations of metal brackets. Even lingual braces, another type of invisible braces, prevent you from eating and drinking some things!

Now that we know how Invisalign works, let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of using Invisalign treatment for orthodontic issues.

Pros & Cons of Invisalign Treatment

We’ll be totally upfront with you – Invisalign clear aligners and other clear aligner brands are rad. Many orthodontists use them to treat gap teeth, crowded teeth, crooked teeth, open bite issues, and more. And Invisalign patients LOVE the super-discreet appearance of plastic aligners. What else does Invisalign bring to the table? We want to give you the low-down on all the great benefits (and not-so-bad downsides) of this treatment plan!

patient holding invisalign trays


  • Feel self-conscious about your smile? Good thing these are nearly invisible! You can be confident from start to finish – no metal wire or rubber bands to get in the way.
  • You can get straight teeth with 100% customized-for-your-smile aligners. That means greater comfort and better tooth movement from start to finish!
  • Removable trays? Count us in! You can take out your trays for meals, snacks, and more. All you have to do is give your mouth a quick brush (preventing pesky tooth decay) before you pop them back in.
  • Your orthodontist and dentist love seeing you in the office, but we understand if you want to cut down on appointments (and how long they take). With clear aligner trays, you’ll be at the tooth doctor way less!


  • Many patients with complex cases need more power behind their choice of treatment option. For severe cases of bad ortho issues, braces may be a better solution.
  • You’ve got to keep your teeth clean! Flossing regularly, remembering to brush your teeth, and using a cleaning solution will keep trays looking virtually invisible while maintaining your oral hygiene and oral health.
  • Clear aligners can be expensive. Luckily, good insurance coverage, using a Health Savings/Flexible Spending Account, and affordable payment options can cut your final cost.
  • Invis is an effective solution — with patient compliance. For an ideal treatment time, patients need to wear the aligners for 22 hours a day!

Are Invisalign Aligners Really as Good as Braces?

Yes, and they can be faster, more effective, and more comfortable than traditional braces! For mild to moderate smile problems, Invisalign is a great option for orthodontics. But of course, your orthodontist will be the best person to ask about what kind of treatment is right for your smile goals.

Getting a Lifetime of Great Smiles with Orthodontic Treatment!

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Positive Communication

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Final Thoughts on Finding a Pediatric Dentist Near You

Friendly staff and dentists who are skilled in interacting with children can help alleviate anxiety and create a positive dental experience for you and your child. Have a conversation with the staff when you call or ask to have a quick conversation with one of the pediatric dentists before you make an appointment.

Or, if you go and something does not fit about the experience– the service, the location near you, the atmosphere– then switch to a different dentist for your kids.

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