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Orthodontics for Adults

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Orthodontics for Everyone – Not Just Kids

If you think you’re too old for braces, we’ve got great news: there’s never a bad time to reimagine your smile. Maybe you missed out on getting braces or Invisalign as a teen or maybe you developed issues later on – either way, we’ve got you covered. Get started with Great Smiles and discover the path to the healthy, happy, and confident smile you deserve!

Do I Need Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontic care isn’t just for feeling better about how your smile looks. Orthodontic treatment helps with a whole bunch of other issues that you may not even be aware of! Tooth and jaw misalignment affect how you speak, chew, clean your teeth, and (most importantly) feel about your smile. Prevent tooth decay, gum disease, jaw pain, and more with the right orthodontic care for you.

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Our Treatment Options

When you’re an adult, every day is a busy day. We want your time in the patient’s chair and your time during treatment to be as stress-free as possible. Our focus is to bring you options that will fit your lifestyle, match your unique needs, and keep you feeling confident from start to finish.


If you want orthodontics on the down-low, Invisalign is the smile solution you need. These removable aligners are pain-free, virtually invisible, and comfortable as ever! Don’t shake up your routine or throw out your favorite snacks – Invisalign makes treatment feel like a breeze.

Clear Braces

Sure, we have traditional braces – but you may not want all that metal hanging out while you’re transforming your smile! Clear braces are the go-to for our adult patients who want to feel inspired during and after treatment. Customize your look or keep it low-profile with tooth-colored wires and elastics.


To keep your smile looking its best, your retainer will be your lifelong friend. We have a variety of retainers available to fit your needs and keep teeth straight after your orthodontic treatment is complete, including clear and lingual-bonded retainers.

Affording the Best Care

Finances should never stand in the way of getting your child or teen the best dental care in town. We want to make sure that you’re relaxed, not worried, when you visit us. Work with our team to find the best way to fit great dental care into your budget, with awesome payment options, maximized insurance benefits, and affordable solutions at every step.

Patient Reviews

"I’m an adult patient and have never had braces before! Great Smiles is excellent! High end technology, great kind staff and super super efficient. Melissa was amazing at handling all aspects of my care process and she actually asked how my husband was doing as I had shared with her some medical issues he was having and she remembered thirty days later. That is a sign of a caring staff member. Serena Installed the Invisalign today and was very precise in explaining everything and was funny and sweet. If you have put off getting braces don’t. This place is very good at what they do! The picture is just my first set so this is not the final result!"

- Tom C.

"I started to have several issues with my teeth in my 50s and did not want traditional braces but with Invisalign I could get the results looking for without the hassle of braces. My experience at Great Smiles has been seamless, extremely helpful staff and Orthodontist exceeded my expectations and I am not even at the end of my journey. I would highly recommend this practice!"

- Donna H.

"It IS possible to go to the dentist and have a great time! Dr. Paul has set up an environment that is open, relaxing and FUN! And my teeth look great!!!"

- Jody C.

"Update: it’s been five months, my teeth ARE STRAIGHT! And the care is amazing.
NEW PATIENT: I was amazed at how fast they were. I didn't have time to complete my paperwork before they took me back. Very thorough, courteous, and took their time answering a ton of questions. Highly recommend.

- Rebecca R.

"Great Smiles has been so easy to work with. Anyone who has a child or teen needing some help getting their teeth in order Great Smiles is a great place. They have really helped guide us in this adventure!"

- Triple J Farm NC

"My daughter needed braces and they were so accommodating to get her in quickly for spring break. Super thankful for an orthodontist that is local and their staff is always so nice. They make it a priority to know their and take their time to listen to any concerns. Just a wonderful experience all around. Definitely recommend to anyone who is looking to take their child for braces!"

- Crystal J.

"I have just completed my three-year treatment course with Dr. Blackman and the Great Smiles staff. Every aspect of my journey with them was exceptional! Truly. I was impressed with the practice at my first visit - their professionalism, knowledge, kindness…. But I leave their care even more amazed that they consistently delivered the highest level of service I have ever experienced in any medical practice. As a doctor, myself, that means a lot. Every visit I left their office feeling nurtured and grateful I had chosen Great Smiles to handle my orthodontic needs The results of my treatment also far exceeded my expectations! My jaw pain and over-bite are gone. My teeth are perfectly aligned. I never thought this could be accomplished - especially given that my problems had existed for over 60 years!"

- Dr. Laura F.